Performance Training

At Seeking Summit we believe in a holistic approach to overall health and well being. Every individual or group starts somewhere different. No two journeys look the same. Nor should they be.

Our approach is very simple. We strive to create and design a unique approach to holistic wellness that's customized in a way that helps you to conquer the summit you seek. You set your summit, we help you get there.

The OPT Model

The OPT Model

Fundamentally, Seeking Summit uses the National Academy of Sports Medicines OPT Model for training. First, each client is observed and assessed to help us understand and establish your unique individual baseline. Once a baseline is established we then utilize the OPT Model to design a performance plan to meet your unique needs and your goals. The OPT Model focuses on stability, strength and power in a systematic progression. Elements of the OPT Model include:

Flexibility Training

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Core Training

Balance Training

Plyometric Training

SAQ Training

Resistance Training

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom

The latest scientific research points to the growing need to reestablish our roots in practices and rhythms that have been lost over the centuries. At Seeking Summit, we utilize a variety of ancient practices to enhance both physical and mental performance. Our intent is not to simply use these practices to compliment the OPT Model for training but to holistically integrate them into the foundation of everything we do. These practices include:


Cognitive Sports Training





Cold Exposure